By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Each Of These Kids Are Battling Cancer, This Photographer Helps Them ‘See’ Their Wildest Dreams.

When a child is struggling with cancer, the people around them will do anything to make their suffering more bearable. It's heartbreaking to witness, but luckily, there is more than one thing you can do to make their dreams come true, despite their respective illnesses.

Photographer Jonathan Diaz uses his time and creativity to help children battling cancer live their wildest dreams. It's called the Anything Can Be project, and for it, he has the child choose their biggest, boldest fantasy. Then, he photographs them and makes their fantasy come to live. Each image takes around 15-20 hours to create, and the finished photos are truly stunning. Here's what Diaz said in a recent interview:

I started really getting into this creative, collage-type of photography about three years ago, asking my kids to imagine living their dreams, and sort of recreating that imagination through my lens. After a while, I thought, 'Why not give this project to kids with cancer, and create a special way for them to live their own dreams?'

See the powerful photos of kids living their biggest dreams below.

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