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21 Foods Made In China You Should Never Eat.

#6. Frozen fish

Bloomberg Businessweek reported in December 2016 how farmers allow pigs and geese feces to fall into the water where they hold fish farms. The nutrients in the feces of the animals is used to feed the fish. The report also reveals strong antibiotics are also part of the diet the fish consume.

Frozen fish


#7. Mushroom

Reports from China news found that mushrooms are being sprayed with chlorinating agents, anhydrous calcium chloride, sodium sulfite, and other preservatives to make the fungus appear fresh and clean.


Böhringer Friedrich/Wikimedia Commons

#8. Green peas

The China Daily reported food safety officials found artificial peas being made in two factories in Hunan province in 2010. Light green colorant and preservatives were added to the products which would later be sold as regular peas.

Green peas

#9. Baby formula

In 2015, cheap baby formula and defective packaging formulas were resold under recognizable brand names. The police arrested the ring involved counterfeit group in 2015, but the general public were not made aware of the incident until the spring of 2016. The China Food and Drug Administration reasoned that they didn't want the general public to panic but no recall of the milk was made.

Baby formula


#10. Pepper

Vendors in China were caught selling a mixture of flour and mud under the pretense that it was black pepper.


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