By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Guilty Chipmunk ‘Return’ Stolen Food After Being Caught Red-Handed.

When people get caught doing something they are not supposed to do, the most common reaction is to deny it or simply act like you didn’t do anything wrong. What are the chances anyone is really going to take you to task for let’s say, stealing.

One chipmunk has been thieving from a man’s bird feeder. The small rodent was literally caught red handed when the human video recorded him in the midst of his crime. Rather than running away or quickly eating the food to avoid any further confrontation, the chipmunk decides to do something else instead.

Based on the chipmunk’s reaction it is fair to say this creature is smarter than we give them credit for. But it’s what he does with the food that will leave you giggling with surprise. To avoid anymore uncomfortable interactions, the human should just leave the chipmunk his own bowl of food in the future.

Source: fjwjr