He’s Traveling The World Without Limbs, And It’s Inspiration Overload.

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Traveling around Southeast Asia requires lots of patience and a sense of adventure, and many people simply don't feel brave enough to do it. Chris Koch is a motivational speaker who recently traveled to that part of the world -- and he took this incredible adventure despite the fact that he doesn't have any limps.

"Chris was doing a talk at my local high school, which I heard about just hours before he arrived in my small town of Coonabarabran, Australia," photographer Anna Tenne said in an interview. "I spoke to Chris for about 15 minutes before his presentation and he said how he always wanted to visit Southeast Asia. A few days later I found him on Facebook and wrote him a message asking if he wanted to travel to Asia with me, and to my surprise he said yes!"

The pair were able to spend weeks traveling through some of the most interesting Southeast Asian countries, and Tenne documented it all with her camera.

Tenne and Koch traveled together for six weeks, with Tenne helping Koch travel and get around.

Anna Tenne

"I was naive about the whole thing," said Tenne. "I saw how independent he was, but everyone was asking if I was sure I want to do this. A week before it hit me all at once. I started to wonder about his hygiene and how he would transport himself on some of these bad roads, and we could look vulnerable."

Anna Tenne

For Koch, though, it was all part of the adventure. "I didn't balk at it for a second to be honest with you. I've always been interested in history and geography and all that's out there in the world."

Anna Tenne

The pair traveled through Thailand, Cambodia, and Nepal, even making it to the base of Mount Everest.

Anna Tenne

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