By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

20 DIY Holiday Decorations That Are Better Than Anything You Can Buy In Stores.

#6. Cookie cutter ornaments.

Use baker's twine to tightly wrap around metal cookie cutters. Once the whole ornament is wrapped, make a loop to hang the final product.

#7. Perler bead Christmas tags.

Take out your old bucket of perler beads to personalized gift tags. Pinterest is a great place to find Christmas theme designs. You can also use the tags as ornaments to hang on the tree.

#8. Christmas ornament mobile.

Use a steamer rack as the perfect base to layer multiple lengths of jewelry string to hang ornaments. You can keep the colour monochromatic or choose to go multi-colour.

#9. Wood clock Christmas Advent calendar.

Visit your local hardware store to have a wooden board cut into a circular shape. Paint 25 days with day one starting counter clockwise. Attach a clock hand to move everyday. Stencils with a large snowflake and the word "Christmas" adds the final touch.

#10. Felt and pinecone owl ornaments.

Hot glue pre-cut felt pieces to already cleaned pinecones to create adorable owls. .

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