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She Thinks It’s A Normal Christmas Photo, But Then She Reads The T-Shirts…

You could have probably guessed that about a third of all engagements occur during the holidays, around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. But why? Well, it's cuddling season, which means you're already feeling warm and fuzzy, and you're likely surrounded by family, which is important to many couples. It's also convenient. It keeps the announcements to a minimum if your loved ones are actually present when it happens or if you were going to call them to greet them 'Happy Holidays' anyway.

But when do you propose? After your second helping of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? At the first snowfall? It's hard to choose a bad time but some people choose to be a little more thoughtful.

Three years ago, Tyne Owen of New South Wales, Australia surprised his girlfriend Jamie Sheumack with one of the most heartwarming proposals we've ever seen. Jamie's family gathered for a photo session with lettered shirts that spelled out 'MERRY XMAS' but shuffled around to change the message for the second shot.

Continue reading to find out how Tyne pulled off the surprise without her even knowing.

First Shot

Jamie's family came together at Christmas for this special photo shoot. Doesn't everyone look nice and festive?

An Almost Perfect Shot

Looks like everyone made it in the shot, even the photographer who set it up with self timer. Tyne and Jamie are sitting in the very front.

Sharing a Kiss

In between shots, the young lovebirds share a kiss. The family members are trying their best not to reveal the surprise but you can tell they're excited!

Second Shot

Notice the clever switches they made with the A and the E as well as the paper hearts? The best part is that Jamie has no idea!

Now That's a Perfect Shot

Love what they did with Santa Claus! Looks like they got the shot they needed this time.

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