By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

The ‘Star Wars’ Light Display On This House Is Insanely Brilliant.

Tom BetGeorge loves Star Wars. He also loves to deck out his house in Christmas lights. He combined his two loves and got this!

This is Tom's second year putting on a light show, and he's built the entire set himself with metal, wood, corrugated plastic, and acrylic. It uses about 100,000 lights, and they've all been synchronized perfectly so that even the notes on the piano and guitar are the correct notes of the music being played.

Some people have asked him what the light show has to do with Christmas. After all, this is a light show without many of the typical Christmas symbols. Tom's answer is simply that most holidays have many traditions that have nothing to do with their roots, and since putting up lights are a fun tradition that brings families together, he feels it's worthwhile.

Besides bringing families together, he's also uses the show to sponsor dinners at his church for the homeless through donations. Tom's a great guy doing wonderful things for his community. Share this with friends and support his mission to help others.

Source: Tom BetGeorge