By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These DIY Plastic Spoon Decorations Are Easy To Make… And They Look Awesome.

If you love creative, simple, and festive DIY projects, then pay attention to these. Created by various crafters around the web, these two adorable projects are perfect for the season, and surprisingly, they're both made entirely from plastic spoons.

There's more than one reason to consider using plastic spoons for your crafts. Most of us have an abundance of them lying around the house, and it's a great way to recycle them after parties. They're durable, easy to paint, and as you'll see below, have a pleasing aesthetic when layered on top of one another. Need to see it for yourself to believe it? Check out these two great holiday spoon projects.

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

This is a great craft to follow all of those holiday parties: You'll have dozens of plastics spoons left over, and once you wash them, they're ready for use.

Snip off the rounded part of each spoon with scissors.

Spray paint the spoon heads in the color of your choice -- silver and gold look amazing for this project.

Make sure to let all of the spoons dry completely.

Using a Christmas tree form, glue spoons at the base with the clipped tip facing up. Additionally, glue them side-by-side with the bottom of the spoon angling outwards.

Then, build another layer on top of that.

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