By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These DIY Plastic Spoon Decorations Are Easy To Make… And They Look Awesome.

Do the same until you've covered the entire tree, and finish it off by joining the last few spoons at the top of the tree. Isn't this project adorable?

Plastic Spoon Wreath Mirror

This one is so pretty, you could use it year-round! It's so quick and easy, that you can get this done in time for Christmas with time to spare.

This project is super pretty, and it will look good hanging on your wall all year round. To complete it, you'll need plastic spoons, spray paint in your color of choice, a hot glue gun, plenty of glue, nails, duct tape, string, spray primer, a mirror, a cardboard box and sandpaper.

Measure out your preferred wreath diameter using a piece of string, a pen, ruler and scissors on top of your cardboard.

Use your string and scissors to create a perfect circle: Hold your string at the center in place, and slowly move the string around. Repeat this step for the inner, smaller circle.

Cut the wreath out from the larger piece of cardboard.

Cover the edges of the wreath with duct tape to smooth them out.

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