By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Bought An Old Church Bus, What They Did With It Is Heavenly.

We've seen plenty of DIY transformations on the internet over years, from shipping containers turned into tiny houses to old sheds repurposed into the perfect little getaways. Out of all of those DIY transformations, though, this might be our favorite.

A young couple bought an old church bus and took it from bulky and run down to a sleek little mobile home for two. They documented their project with photos throughout the process, and you can see the entire thing from start to finish below.

This is the original bus, an old church ride that they got on Craigslist. The bus is from 1988.

The inside is truly drab, isn't it?

Here's what it looks like inside now. Can you believe this is the same space?

And now, here's how they transformed it from its original form.

The original bus was rife with rust, rat feces, and birds' nests.

The engine hadn't even been started in months.

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