By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Architecture Rings Let You Declare Your Love For Your Favorite City.

It's awesome to be able to collect souvenirs from all the places in the world you've visited, but what if they were souvenirs that you could actually wear? No, we're not talking about plastic pins or t-shirts, but delicate gold rings that are basically the best travel memento a girl could ask for.

Created by goldsmith Ola Shekhtman, the rings depict the world's most recognizable and beloved cityscapes. The artist familiarizes herself with each city by moving to a new place every few years, inspiring her to create a ring that reflects the architectural beauty of each place that she lives.

The rings are created through a process of melting, rolling, sawing, soldering, and polishing.

The final products are delicate, wearable, and totally amazing.

Can you recognize some of these iconic cities? This is Paris.

London looks amazing in ring form.

New York City is simple and sculptural.

Boston has got some great detail.

Hong Kong is absolutely brilliant.

This Washington D.C. is a great reflection of our nation's capital.

Charleston makes a fine piece of jewelry.

Then there's Berlin...

...San Francisco...



... and finally, Stockholm. Have you been to any of these spots -- and if so, wouldn't it be awesome to wear a ring like this to remind you of your travels?

Here's another incredible set of rings.

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