These Cityscape Nails Are So On Point You’ll Be Bursting With Civic Pride.

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Instagrammer @Makegirlz features daily makeup tutorials and has garnered over 10.9 million followers. The account showcases original and reposted videos of everything makeup, from beauty lip liners to contouring. The videos are short, but the before and after transformations are amazing.

Today, we'd like to highlight their nail art. Each nail begins with a single base coat, which some of us have enough trouble with, and quickly turns into detailed works of art. Makeup artists will often refer to the face as a canvas, and the same can be said of the nail here. A little bit of paint and a tiny brush go a long way.

Check out the videos below of nails turned masterpieces, inspired by real life global destinations like London and San Francisco.

Even if you aren't particularly into makeup, the processes and precision artwork are sure to impress. The popular hits playing in the background don't hurt either.

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