By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

What This Guy Does For His Friend EVERY Day Makes Me Feel Selfish.

Being a great friend is something we all strive to achieve. However, being a selfless friend requires a different kind of strength, the type that 18-year-old Xie Xu from China seems to have harnessed.

Every day for the last three years, Xu helps carry his friend, 19-year-old Zhang Chi, from their dorms to their school. Chi has muscular dystrophy, a condition that causes the muscles to weaken and leaves the sufferer unable to walk. Unfortunately, many places in China don't offer accessibility to the disabled. In order to make life easier on his pal, Xu carries him around, and even helps him with daily tasks like dishes and laundry.

"The story of the two students is so inspiring and touching," said the vice headmaster of the boys' school in an interview. "They aren't family, but [Xie] has been doing this for three years. He's the most beautiful student. With his assistance, Zhang has never missed out on one single class."

Check out the photos from this heartwarming story of friendship and dedication below.