By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

27 Tips That Will Trick Your Guests Into Thinking You’re A Domestic Goddess.

It's hard to get your life together. Even if you're killing it at your job, have a great social life, and come home to a nice place, somehow, you always feel like a complete hot mess who is hanging on by a thread.

And while it's perfectly normal to feel that way, there's no reason that anyone should see you sweat. Here are 27 ways to make everything think you have it all together - even if you're kind of a trainwreck. Follow these easy tips and prepare to start impressing the hell out of people.

#1. Fill your home with live plants - preferably ones you can't kill easily.

#2. Grow an avocado plant in your kitchen, because it will make you look like the ultimate recycler.

#3. Have a few bottles of expensive looking olive oil on the counter, and act like you have a hard time choosing one.

#4. Put design and architecture magazines on your coffee table, because only people with their lives together have time for magazines like that.

#5. Get decent paper napkins - or if you're feeling really ambitious, get cloth.

#6. Always, always eat by candlelight.

#7. Have a day planner or calendar left out, and fill it with vague "appointments."

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