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This Alternative Housing Design Is Letting People LITERALLY Live On The Edge.

Have you ever dreamt of living in a quaint little house, overlooking the sea? You could read books by your front window while the ocean crashes just nearby, and you would never be lacking in gentle sea breezes when you stand in your front yard. It all sounds so magical, doesn't it?

This house is for people who want just that - but just a little bit more extreme.

It's the concept design by Opa Works, and it's called the Casa Brutale. Brutale is meant to celebrate the brutalist style of architecture, and it's also meant to interact with nature. When you see how this house is situated literally in the edge of a cliff, you might think it interacts with nature a little too much.

The concept for the house is to literally sit in a crevice on a high cliff.

The view is great - if not slightly terrifying.

It even looks spectacular at night, doesn't it?

There is a pool above the rooms, making all of the interior feel like it's under the sea.

The idea of it being embedded in the cliff is that it won't interrupt the view of the sea.

The architects at Opa Works are Laertis Antonios Ando Vassilou and Pantelis Kampouropolous. The pair are solely responsible for this amazing design.

In the architects' plans, the house is made of of concrete slabs, and has mostly concrete furniture.

Everything would be accented and decorated with wood as well.

Basically, it's as minimal as a house can get. Still, it looks magnificent when viewed in full, doesn't it?

Would you be brave enough to live in a house like this?

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Source: Demilked