By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

One Brave Artist Imagines What Our World Will Look Like If Global Warming Continues.

Brace yourselves: This might be the most unnerving and ominous collection of images on the Internet. What's worse? They could actually be real some day.

Artist Evgeny Kazantsev created these images to give viewers a terrifying look into what our world might become at the hands of global warming. Each of these photos presents a particular disaster scenario that has the potential to occur, along with what our world would look like if it did. The images range from cities falling into repair, to towns affected by heat waves, to a group of beach-goers standing near a glaciar, to unsettling weather brewing above some of the world's major cities.

If the images below seem alarming, that's because they are supposed to be: Kazantsev created them for Burjui Design Bureau and their client, Gefest Insurance Company, to shed light on the rapidly growing potential the world has for natural disaster - especially if we keep ignoring climate change and using our resources far too rapidly. Take a look at the disturbing images below - and let's all hope that Venice never looks like that.

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