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Photographer Captures Women At The EXACT Moment Of Climax.

We cannot say for certain whether or not photographer Albert Pocej is the only man that has dreamt of photographing women as they climaxed on their own accord, but to our knowledge, he is the only one who has carried it out in reality.

A seasoned photographer with about 10 years of experience under his belt, Pocej was met with hesitation and silence when first reaching out to women for the experiment. He was not interested in actresses, he wanted subjects that were prepared to show him the real thing. And so, the small number of willing participants is understandable. The female orgasm is such an intimate experience, and an elusive one for many men.

The series, which features 15 women, is controversial and erotic. The final photographs are excellent in quality and alluring in content but you have to wonder how the women's awareness of Pocej affected their level of comfort and expression.

Another thing is that most of them were shot outdoors, but nature does not necessarily make a photo natural (to be fair, the photographer never argued this much). Nonetheless, it is an interesting project that gets people talking about female pleasure, which we can all agree is painfully underrepresented.

'I wanted to make those looking at these pictures to think,' Pocej wrote on BoredPanda. 'And clichés don’t make people think.'

The Photographer, Albert Pocej

Albert Pocej, a photographer from Lithuania, photographed 15 women as they reached an orgasm.

The Photographer, Albert Pocej

Albert Pocej Photography / Facebook


Even as a young child, Pocej had a passion for photography but did not seriously pursue it until he was 30 years old. He has worked and resided in Monaco since 2012, and his photos have been described as cinematic and graceful.

The Dream

According to a statement written by the photographer himself, a curious idea came to him in a dream. He dreamt of '[exploring] the female orgasm through a photograph experiment.'

The Process

What would you say if someone approached you with an idea to photograph you while you climaxed?

Pocej had some trouble finding willing participants but eventually received permission and interest from 20 different women. This number dropped to 15 after some discovered they wouldn't be acting.

In order to capture these images, Pocej used lapse photography, which takes photos by the second.

Facts About the Female Orgasm

Planned Parenthood says that about a third of all women have trouble climaxing.

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