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20 Nifty Clothing Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Learned Years Ago.

When you find that favourite pair of jeans or shoes, you tend to wear it so much to the point that it begins to look old quickly. But going out and trying to find a new favourite piece is too costly and ineffective. There are also ways to wear your clothes in new ways that makes it look like you just bought them.

Instead, there are a couple of easy hacks that will give your best-loved items a longer life. And the best thing about it is that a lot of these little tricks use things you already have in your home. We had no idea we were wearing #2 wrong.

#1. Keep those leather shoes looking brand new for years.

Give your leather shoes more shine by applying a small amount of moisturizer with a towel. This will also help if you have scratches on the leather.

Keep those leather shoes looking brand new for years.

Kathleen Kamhausen

#2. You've been wearing your ankle boots wrong all this time.

Don't try to stretch your jean legs over the boot, instead fold the bottom into a cuff and show off those ankles.

#3. Hand wash your delicates with a salad spinner.

It will take out the excess water out of your delicates like bras, cashmere, and silk.

#4. Removing the hated red wine stains.

Save your red wine stained clothes by using club soda to remove it.

Removing the hated red wine stains.

#5. Neck and waist comparison.

Instead of trying on every pair of pants for fit, wrap the pant waist to your neck. Your waist and neck are the same size.

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