Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Clothing Designer Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Comical.

No one said designing clothes was easy, which is why most of us leave it to the professionals. But every now and then, a less-than-impressive wardrobe line makes it out of the factory and ends up at a store somewhere. However, when you take a look at this collection of wardrobe mistakes, you'll be left wondering why the designer didn't ask someone for some input before these designs hit the store.

Obviously, you're not going to please everyone, but some of these fails are so bad that they're practically a joke. As a matter of fact, most of us would buy these clothes just to make fun of them. So hopefully this collection of fashion design fails will remind you to try things on first and get someone's opinion before you buy anything.

Picking out a wedding gown is a top priority for any bride, but this one needed a second opinion.

This bride walked down the aisle and everyone was probably gasping, but it wasn't necessarily because she looked amazing. If you pay close attention to the backside, you'll notice that it seems like the bride is pooping chiffon. Ouch!

These Olympic competitors from the USA are drawing attention for all the wrong reasons.

Their Olympic uniforms have the worst color choices ever around the crotch area. It's almost as if the designer intended to have everyone's eyes focus down there. In fact, it so bad that the camera crew probably tried to shy away from full frontal shots.

Whoever designed this shirt has probably never even seen an actual pineapple or a watermelon.

You may have noticed that the front of the shirt has a couple of pineapple prints, but on the top, it shows the word "watermelon" in beautiful pink neon color. This is one of those situations where you're like "you had one job to do and you messed it up!"

Most news anchors aim to look their very best when they're live in front of the cameras.

This shirt has two pockets on each side that are so inappropriate. They essentially look like she's not wearing any clothes. This news anchor would like to report that she wants whoever is in charge of her wardrobe to get fired immediately.

Think about how smoother an airport security inspection would go wearing a pair of these jeans.

You'd probably feel quite a draft in these jeans. They're certainly not the kind of thing you'd wear in the winter. But you probably wouldn't want to wear them anywhere else either, unless you're looking to attract a lot of attention.

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