By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch The Awkward Moment She Regrets Taking Her Boyfriend On A Roller Coaster.

When it comes to having personal conversations with your significant other, I've always lived by a tried and tested rule: There's a time and a place. It's probably not a great idea to confess your love for someone at a funeral, and it's probably unwise to have a screaming match when you're out to dinner. Most couples know this - but sometimes, the right time and place go right out the window.

Such was the case for this couple, who found themselves on a roller coaster -both literally and figuratively. From the beginning, it seems like they're on two different pages. What happens next might be the worst time and the worst place we've ever seen this happen.

Next, someone attached a camera to the world's most terrifying roller coaster.

Source: Moses Storm