By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Carefully Cut Up An Old Map, Her Next Move… Best DIY Idea Ever!

GoldenBaby ordered the enamel from amazon for $10. This was to give the tiles a glossy, shiny finish.

The enamel will also make sure the tiles are going to be waterproof. It will also protect the coasters from getting dirty, keeping them looking new for years and years.

The package comes with two bottles. The liquids have to be safely poured and combined together.

The mix was poured over the tiles completely. A cardboard piece was used to spread the enamel evenly, not missing any corners.

When the mix was poured, bubbles rose up. GoldenBaby breathed slowly into the bubbles to pop them.

Now the tiles have a sheen and polished finish. The tiles were brought in the house so the dust from the garage would not land on them.

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