By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

There’s Something Unusual About These Coffee Cups… And It’s A GREAT Idea.

Every day, American consume 400 million cups of coffee. Though many of us try our best to recycle our plastic, paper and styrofoam cups, the fact of the matter is that over 146 million cups are discarded every year. The paper from these cups can only be recycled about three times before it ends up in one of the country's rapidly growing landfills. All things considered, we need a more sustainable solution to our coffee cup waste problem, and that's exactly what Reduce. Reuse. Grow. is trying to achieve.

Powered by KickStarter, Reduce.Reuse.Grow. has developed a completely biodegradable coffee cup that has seeds in the lining of the paper, as well as planting instructions on the bottom. After coffee drinkers are finished getting their caffeine fix, they can unravel their cup, soak it in water, and plant it into the ground.

Below are some infographics that explain this amazing idea in more details. Check them out and visit their KickStarter page to make your next sip of morning joe more sustainable!

Source: Plant Trash