By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Find Out What's Hot With These New Bizarre Coffee Lids.

Who doesn't love a little romance in the morning?

If your mind immediately jumped to a scandalous place, think again. What we're talking about is true love's real kiss: The one you get from your coffee cup.

As if you weren't already making sweet, sweet love to your morning cup of joe, now it can return the favor. These bizarre coffee cup lids were invented by South Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok, and they are about to make your morning pick-me-up a lot hotter and heavier.

Presenting: The kissing coffee lid, complete with a human nose, and its own set of smackers.

According to to Jang, the cup is fully functional - just with a little bit of added spice.

And taking a sip of coffee means giving your cup a little kiss.

Next to a normal coffee lid, these things look simultaneously intriguing and terrifying.

Clearly, these are being marketed as a hip new novelty item in Korea, a country that certainly appreciates life's little eccentricities and gimmicks.

That being said, we're just not sure if this is what we meant when we said we wanted to make love to our morning coffee.

What do you think? Would you like to kiss your coffee cup "hello" each morning?

Next, coffee cups that you bury when you're finished with them.

Source: Designtaxi