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The 20 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers, I’m Buying #14 For Myself.

There's a different type of Christmas gift for everyone. Holiday shopping can be hard, if you don't know the person you're shopping for. The best way to ensure you give a person a gift he or she will appreciate is to find out the person's interests — what they like and dislike. You don't necessarily have to get deep into their interests, you can go off of something simple such as a love for coffee.

There are several different gifts you can get a coffee lover just based on their love for coffee! Such gifts can range anywhere from unique coffee mugs to cool coffee knick knacks you didn't know existed.

If you know a fellow coffee lover that you want to give a gift to this Christmas season, check out some of the gift ideas we've listed below.

#1. Expresso glasses that allow you to use one side for expresso or americano and the other for latte.

#2. Edible sugar dollies that not only make your cup of coffee pretty but also sweet tasting.

#3. A self-powered mug that keeps your drinks at whatever temperature you desire and charges your phone at the same time.

#4. A kit to help you grow your own coffee plant that will ultimately aid you in making your very own coffee.

#5. A cookie monster coffee cup that allows you to drink coffee and eat delicious cookies at the same time.

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