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He Collected 1083 Coffee Stirrers, What He Did With Them Is Insanely Clever.

I once read an article about how plastic coffee stirrers make up a huge percentage of the waste in urban landfills. Certain kinds can be recycled, but for the most part, it's just better to avoid using them. Then again, if you can come up with a way to repurpose them like this, maybe you should use more.

One Redditor put his creative and crafting skills to good use and came up with this idea for an amazing coffee stirrer chandelier. The idea is simple, cheap to make, and looks amazing hanging from the ceiling. Check out the builder's process below - would you ever think to create something like this?

Here's a look at his finished product. From a distance, it looks like a fancy chandelier.

The chandelier was built with1083 stirrers in total.

This is how he attached the stirrers to one another: With small holes and staples.

All of the stirrers are the same length, making it easy to get the chandelier uniform.

The base ring of the chandelier was made by a metal bar with holes drilled in. The stirrers were hooked to the base with staples.

It's amazing to think that this beautiful chandelier was created with such simple supplies.

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Source: reddit