By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Took A Rough Plank And Transformed Into Something Everyone Wants.

Rough-cut wood tables are incredibly popular, and if you buy them from the store, they're also incredibly expensive. It's amazing what some retailers will charge for a piece of wood and a few metal legs - especially when you consider how cheap they are to make.

One intrepid builder did just that. Buying supplies and wood that cost less that $50, he created the rough-cut wood coffee table of your wildest dreams. Check out his photo tutorial below to see how he did it. It's totally easy, and the finished product looks like it came from a catalogue.

The builder started with a rough cut of poplar, which only runs about $20 and is strong enough to last for a long time.

First, you have to remove the top layer of bark and sand the entire piece.

The work isn't easy, and takes a lot of time.

Then there's the issue of where to put the legs. They need to be carefully measured so the table sits evenly.

Before staining the piece, you might want to test it, legs in, in the space you're going to display it.

Now come the first coat of stain, which gives the wood a deeper, richer tone.

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