By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

I Bet You Didn’t Know There Were So Many Different Ways To Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee.

I've traveled to a lot of places and the first thing I always do when traveling to a new place is find the coffee. All the coffee.

Luckily, pretty much every country has their own take on coffee. Sure, it may take some work to find, and it might be a type of coffee I'm not used to. However, the point is that it's there, ready to caffeinate me at a moment's notice. This video is a great showcase of coffees from around the world; not only what to expect when you're traveling, but how to make them from the comfort of your own home!

So, where have I had some of the best coffee? You might think the answer would be France or Italy, but in truth, I prefer the oily, rich texture of Vietnamese coffee. I've also been known to go overboard with German coffee (when you see the German coffee recipe, you'll understand why.)

Which country's coffee is your favorite? Would you try the Austrian coffee?

Source: BuzzFeedBlue