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Artist Dropped 15,000 Coins On A Street, Then Filmed People’s Reaction.

Recently AirBnb host Jamahl McMurran and his guest, artist Lana Mesic, tried a cool human experiment. Lana had 15,000 coins that she had used on a previous project and she didn’t know what to do with them. So they decided to put them on a sidewalk near a canal and see how people would react when they came across the pile.

There were 15,000 coins in total and each one was a 2 pound coin. Since a 2 pound coin is worth $2.60, the overall total of the pile was a whopping $39,000.

Watch and see how people reacted when they came upon this small fortune unexpectedly!

These two decided to try a great experiment.

Jamahl McMurran, AirBnB host, and his guest Lana Mesic tried a new human experiment. Lana needed to do something with the coins she had used in a previous project.

They wanted to see what people would do when they came across a fortune.

So they placed them on a sidewalk near a canal and watched the results from a distance. They called the experiment Coins by the Canal.

They tweeted the results as they happened.

They live tweeted the results as people came by. It was interesting to see what they would do when they came across $39,000.

Some didn't know what to do.

The pile contained 15,000 coins. Each was a 2 pound coin making the overall total of the pile a good fortune. Most had no idea what to do when they came across it.

Here's one of the live updates from Twitter.

They found that most people just wanted to play with the pile. A lot of others took photos, but overall nobody messed with it.

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