Scott Stevens

By Scott Stevens

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Artist Dropped 15,000 Coins On A Street, Then Filmed People’s Reaction.

The little boy blues.

This little kid decided to fill up his bag. It wasn't that big but the weight was almost too much for him to handle.

Many had never seen anything like it before.

Plenty of people just stopped and looked at it. A lot of people stooped down and played with the money for a few minutes before moving on.

Some of the photos taken were a bit odd.

This gentleman stopped and laid his umbrella down on top of the pile of money. He then snapped a photo before grabbing the umbrella and moving on.

It's good for a subway ride or two.

One gentleman riding a bike grabbed some of the loose change and headed on with his business. Maybe he was going to use it for the subway to speed up his trips.

Or maybe a cup of coffee or two.

Some people took a few coins and put them in their pockets. Maybe storing up for the next morning's coffee?

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