Scott Stevens

By Scott Stevens

LifeBuzz User

Artist Dropped 15,000 Coins On A Street, Then Filmed People’s Reaction.

Make it rain!

This guy had obviously never seen anything like it before. He took a pile of coins and let them fall over his head. Everyone has their own idea of fun!

They thought he was funny to watch.

Overall the experiment was a success and a lot of fun was had by all. That is, until these guys showed up...

Then the end showed up.

Everything came to an end when they came upon the scene. They worked quickly, but the whole thing was witnessed and caught on tape.

It didn't take long.

Spoiling the fun is one way of putting it. Within minutes, they had all of the money packed up.

As quickly as the experiment began, it was over.

Just like that the experiment was over. The thieves bagged up every coin and took off.

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