By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Just Found Out She’s Getting ANOTHER Baby Brother. Her Displeasure Is Hilarious.

When parents inform their kids that another baby is on the way, a multitude of reactions can occur. Some kids delight in the idea of being older siblings, particularly if they have been an only child up until that point. Other kids go through something called "dethroning," which often manifests itself as jealousy and resentment for the unborn child. And sometimes, the child has a preference for a brother or a sister, and if things don't work out that way, can get ugly.

This little girl has a hard time figuring out that her mom is going to have a little boy. Once she does, though, her reaction is less than ideal. When you see the other kids in the room, you'll understand why.

It's tough being a big sister when you don't have any backup.

Source: iluvDidawngos