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Guy Froze 250 Trays Of Colored Water To Make The Most Magical Igloo Ever.

When most people find themselves surrounded by snow, they usually seize the opportunity to build a snowman. But building a snowman is child's play compared to building an igloo. If you've ever tried to build one of your own out of snow, you know how difficult it is. Constructing an igloo out of flimsy snow doesn't always turn out the way you hope for. Instead of the snow staying in place, it'll cave and sink in.

To build a legit igloo, an individual needs actual ice blocks. It may sound challenging at first, but you might change your mind when you see redditor cyrzee13's creation. Not only did he successfully build an igloo, he built a colorful one that can glow in the dark!

The redditor first started by freezing water in 250 foil pans. To create the colored blocks, he added drops of food coloring to some of them.

He then created a base shape in the snow and placed the first row of blocks onto the packed snow. He made sure to tilt them at a slight inward angle.

After completing the first row, he then began stacking more blocks on top. He would alternate the colored ones with clear ones so that the colored blocks were spread out.

In order to keep the inward tilt, he used a wooden plank as support for the first block on each new row. The plank would stay there each time until it froze in place.

In no time, the igloo slowly started gaining its shape and looking more intriguing than ever.

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