By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

They Gave This Boring Neighborhood A Vibrant Makeover, But The Real Change Happened Afterwards.

The neighborhood of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico, received more than a coat of paint. The humble district went through a complete makeover in an enormous street art project called MacroMural Pachuca. The mural is massive in scale: over 215,000 square feet, covering 209 houses.

The project, backed by the Mexican government, let graffiti artists from Germen Crew express their vivid creativity. The government is hoping to bring the 1,808 residents, representing 452 families together by uniting them with tradition, architecture, history, and art. Not to mention the houses have gone from bland to vibrant.

Luis Enrique Gómez Guzmán, co-founder of Germen Crew, wanted to create a dynamic mural as, "color is magic.”

“We are all color. Color protects us everyday,” says Gómez Guzmán. He may be on to something as jobs have been created and youth crime has dropped to zero since the five-month job was completed.

The largest macro mural in Mexico.

The before and after. The vivid colors take the town from drab to dramatic.

From far away, one can see the shapes connect from building to building.

A rainbow of swirling colors.

Even at ground level, the work done is impressive.

Gómez Guzmán's goal was to, "to create a language that homogeneously blends together community, architecture, history, and art by experimenting with alternate ways of relating to the public."

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Source: demilked