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By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Lies That Everybody Has Told Before.

"I Didn't Mean To"

We've all done something that we "didn't mean" to do before, but that's no reason to lie about it. You may not have "meant to" look at your boyfriend's emails or run the stoplight, but you did, so apologize for it and move on.

"I Didn't Get Your Text"

Avoiding people is necessary at times, which is why this lie is so commonly used. It's much nicer and more accepted to tell someone that you didn't get their text, rather than tell them you just didn't feel like talking to them.

"I Didn't Get Your Text"

"I'm Too Tired"

We've all used this excuse before to get out of an engagement or to avoid doing something undesirable, but we all know it's a lie. If you're too tired to grab a bite to eat, but you surf the internet until four in the morning, how tired are you really?

"We Need To Catch Up"

Any time you run into someone that you haven't seen or even thought about in years, you feel the need to say "we need to catch up." We all know that nobody actually has the intention of "catching up," so maybe we should all just stop pretending?

"We Need To Catch Up"

Alicia Steels

"I Was Going To Say That"

We all want to seem witty and intelligent while we're in a conversation with someone, but this lie just seems unnecessary. Everyone knows you weren't going to say that, you just couldn't come up with something quick enough.

"I Was Going To Say That"

Fred Mouniguet

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