By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Walks 21 Miles To Work Every Single Day… And His Tenacity Just Gave Me Goosebumps.

Imagine if you walked to work everyday, not just a few city blocks but several miles? One Detroit man’s morning commute is 21 miles and most of it by foot. Ten years ago, James Robertson’s car broke down. Without the financial resources to fix or replace it, Robertson had very few options to get to work.

Robertson works at a factory making $10.55 an hour, 30% more than minimum wage. Owning and maintaining a vehicle, not to mention fuel and insurance costs is something his wage does not allow. To make matters worse, there are no colleagues who live close enough to carpool with.

What makes Robertson’s story all the more interesting is his perfect attendance. Braving the elements while colleagues with vehicles call in sick, has made the 56-year-old an office legend.

Robertson starts his trek to work at 8am and get in on time for 2pm. At 10pm, when the work day is over, the determined man begins his voyage home and gets in around 4am only to start all over again four hours later.

Robertson’s incredible story has touched the hearts of many people who have gone so far as to start a Gofundme page to help the man purchase a vehicle and cover insurance costs. In just two days, the fund is sitting at $173,428.

Furthermore, good samaritans everywhere are offering cars and bikes to help. A local Chevrolet dealership has even gone so far as to offer him a brand new car car.

Source: Washington Post