By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Pets Who Are Merely Tolerating What Their Humans Did To Their Cone.

The Elizabethan collar, otherwise known as the Cone of Shame, is meant to keep wounded or medicated animals from pawing and gnawing at their bodies while they heal. For a pet, there is no worse fate: Not only do you have to wear the cone, but you also have to subject yourself to the whims of your human's camera for as long as it's around your neck.

Even though your pet might look miserable, you have to admit that there's just nothing funnier or more endearing than an animal wearing a cone - and the ability to recognize that is obviously what makes us the superior species.

Here, pet owners have taken the Cone of Shame up a notch. Call it the Cone 2.0 - Bigger, Better, and Packed With Even More Humiliation.

#1. How dare you.

#2. Look, I'm not really into labels, but this Burberry cone is actually quite nice.

#3. I'm a flower. A beautiful, delicate flower.

#4. I see what you did there.

#5. Why are you guys all laughing?

#6. Suddenly, I feel super.

#7. At the barbecue, they will be serving potato salad and crippling embarrassment.

#8. Is this your hemorrhoid donut? It is, isn't it.

#9. Don't look at me. Just walk away.

#10. They make me stand like this for 17 hours a day.

#11. This cone is perfect for sad, lonely clubbing.

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