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By Camila Villafañe

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Animal Lover Turned ‘Cones Of Shame’ Into Dog-Friendly Works Of Art.

When you see a dog wearing a cone, it could only mean one of two things. One is that they're wearing one to prevent them from licking at their body or scratching their head or neck while wounds or injuries are in the process of healing. It can also be used to keep them from being bad.

Yes, sadly, if a dog has been a bad boy or girl and bit someone, they'll probably get one of these put on until they're retrained to not harm anyone. But for the most part, dogs that wear these usually get to model these truncated cones because they've just been neutered. It's shameful, we know. But one person is turning these cones into something a little more fashion forward and fun.

We've seen dogs wearing sad, albeit cute cones on their heads, usually after being neutered.

Most of the time, they look sad, as if they're ashamed of what's been done to them, but an artist who also works at an animal shelter turned these cones of shame into cones of fame, and we have to admit, this pooch is looking like a movie star.

Erin Einbender began volunteering at "One Tail At A Time" Dog Rescue while in art school.

She noticed the dogs wearing one of these cones of shame and looking very sad, making their chances of being adopted slim to none versus happier dogs. So she got a little creative and did something to increase their odds.

Einbender had a brilliant idea for how to complete her final photography project.

In the process, she also did these dogs a solid by creating cones that turned dogs like these into real fashionistas.

Looks like this dog is all set up to celebrate pride month.

The stringy cone is one of many that Einbender came up with for her project "Cones of Fame," and in the process she's helped many of these adorable dogs find homes.

All dogs at "One Tail At A Time" are spayed and neutered before they're adopted.

The reason why the cones are associated with shame is because the dogs looked so sad in their cones. So Einbender wanted to empower the dogs while educating people on the importance of sterilizing animals. Looks like this pooch won't be biting anything with all those flowers and butterflies around its neck.

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