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Early Symptoms To Confirm Pregnancy Before You Miss Your Periods.

My mom said she knew I was pregnant both times before I did. It was the little, subtle things that she swears were sure signs I was expecting. Developing a new dislike to certain foods and the way my hips looked.

Waiting to get your period is the most common way women find out if they are pregnant or not. The moment a woman conceives, her body begins to work hard to get the body ready for the baby to live in its mother's uterus for 40 weeks.

During all the changes going on internally, the body does give off hints of a pregnancy through changes that are sometimes mistaken for a flu or just plain tired. Here are 14 signs that will let you know you are pregnant before you miss your period.

#1. A woman's hormone levels increase while pregnant. Particularly estrogen and progesterone levels increase.

The increase of these two hormones will decrease or stop fully menstrual bleedings. The common spotting before your period will disappear for most women during pregnancy.

#2. Vomiting while pregnant does not only happen in the mornings.

This may be the reason most people confuse morning sickness with food poisoning or a stomach bug. Pregnancy causes the hormone levels to slow down digestion.

#3. Your vagina feels swollen and sensitive.

You produce more cervical mucus. The milky white discharge will also be thicker than usual. This is due to an increase in progesterone levels.

#4. Most women feel their breasts are tender while menstruating, this is nothing compared to what it feels like while pregnant.

Hormones level not only make breasts bigger but they are also sensitive to touch. Nipples also darken in preparation for nursing. Be prepared for the breasts to continue growing throughout the pregnancy.

#5. You feel like you are getting menstrual cramps but it's not your period dates.

When the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus lining, implantation bleeding occurs. This is light spotting accompanied with cramps. This should only lasts a couple of days.

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