Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

35 Wacky Perspectives That Will Make You Do A Double Take.

#6. Why would anyone create a lava sculpture and put it in the middle of the sidewaaaalk...oooohhh!

Just stare at this shot for a few seconds, go ahead. Did you figure out what's going on? Nope? Keep trying. Can't be bothered? The lava lamp is made out of chalk!

#7. You're not looking at an aerial shot of New York, believe it or not.

But you are staring at what seems to be a miniature city made out of staples. One might even say that these buildings are very staple.

#8. This girl needs to take a few posing classes or watch "America's Next Top Model."

Tyra Banks would have her butt on a plate after shrinking her torso in a way that made it seem like her legs started right at her stomach. Girl, no.

#9. This buff hunk's got a foot instead of a hand, but judging by the smile on that girl's face, she's totally okay with it.

Well, maybe she doesn't mind because this is all trickery and a really bad perspective. But hey, even if he did have a foot for a hand, he'd be able to kick our butts anyway.

#10. That cloud looks like a wolf is howling, but it could also be a baby deer staring at the left.

While the perspective isn't confusing, the shape might be. This shot kind of remind us of the Dress challenge, which was definitely white and gold...or was it blue and black?

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