By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

35 DIY Projects Using Contact Paper. Mac Users Will Love #10.

Until today, I've had nothing but traumatizing memories of contact paper. As far as I was concerned, contact paper was the terribly sticky substance used to cover your textbooks to protect them throughout the year. It never went on right, it never looked right, and it was never, ever, fun to use.

Now, elementary school students use fun stretchy microfiber covers, and contact paper is used for a much better purpose: As the main ingredient in a bunch of fun DIY projects. Below, we've put together a list of 35 amazing things you can create with a lot of contact paper and a little patience: Remember, even though these projects are much more fun than covering books, the stuff is still a little bit tricky to work with. Hopefully one of these projects will inspire you to take the challenge.

#1. Use temporary contact paper to create a triangle accent wall.

#2. Fake some stainless steel in your kitchen with this DIY.

#3. Fashion yourself a privacy window from contact paper.

#4. Stick down some cute fridge mats so your shelves don't get dirty.

#5. Follow this DIY for an awesome copper buffet for your next dinner party.

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