By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Built An Off-Grid Cabin Out Of Shipping Containers, The Interior Design Is Stunning.

Tiny, energy efficient homes are growing more and more popular every day. One builder, Joseph Dupuis, decided to capitalize off of that trend and build what he calls the "Off Grid Shipping Container Cabin." The cabin is built from three 20-foot shipping containers, and has everything that residents would need to head off the grid and into the wilderness.

Interested in what it would be like to get away from it all and live inside some refurbished shipping containers? Check out the photos of Dupuis' cabin below.

The small cabin is built from three 20-foot shipping containers.

It's 355 square feet, and it's fully insulated. It also comes with a cooling system.

The home is outfitted with a full kitchen and a wood stove.

It also has plenty of space in the common areas.

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