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Here's What Those Two Holes On Your Converse Are For.

If you have ever owned a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor shoes, you may have noticed the two holes on the side panels. People on the internet have made it a point to investigate why the holes are there. What seems to be random decorative holes, actually have a very specific purpose for being there.

Aside from allowing your feet to breathe when you are not wearing socks, the holes are also meant to be used for “bar lacing.” This method allows your shoes to be tighter around your feet. Take a look at this step-by-step tutorial. You can share this trick with all of your family and friends.

#1. The Converse trick you didn't know about.

The two holes in the popular canvas shoes have a specific purpose.

The Converse trick you didn't know about.

Sarah Barlow

#2. Here is how you do it.

Bar Lacing allows you to make your shoe fit tighter. Unlace the first two sets of holes at the top.

Here is how you do it.

Sarah Barlow

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