By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Happy Penguin Loves Being Tickled, His Squeals Of Delight At 1:03 Will Melt Your Heart.

There's not much in this world that's cuter than a baby penguin. Cookie, a tiny penguin that lives at the Cincinnati Zoo, is proof. However, in addition to looking impossibly adorable, Cookie has another trick up his sleeve. When you find out what it is, you're going to be giggling even harder than he is.

Naturally, when this video made it's way to the Internet, it instantly went viral. Cookie's squeal and giggle while being tickled is one for the books. As if that weren't already enough cuteness for you, Cookie is a Little Penguin, which means that even in adulthood, he won't be more than 12 inches tall. In other words, he's going to stay this cute - and keep giggling like this - forever.

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