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Schizophrenic Turns Her Hallucinations In Beautifully Trippy Artwork.

Schizophrenia is an intimidating and intense mental illness, as it effects the sufferer's ability to distinguish what is real and what is in their mind. Symptoms include strange social behavior, hearing voices, and seeing things that aren't really there.

As difficult as the illness is, there are some with schizophrenia that channel their issues into their art. One Redditor, ThePsychoticArtist, shared the work that he created. It's unconventional and sometimes difficult to look at, but it also gives rare insight into the mind of someone with a condition we might not fully understand. See some of the artist's work below.

It's hard to understand what the artist sees, but he's described some of his work in his own words.

"The circles and lines in the background were inspired by Da Vinci's drawings."

"I went to the San Diego Zoo and an elephant looked something like this."

"This is Birdie, she sings to me."

"I looked in the mirror and my eyes did this thing. I painted it."

"I see a lot of stars and swirls and circles."

"My hand has red marks on it sometimes. I saw this hand pose in an anime, so I did the same pose with my hand and drew it."

"An alien next to his alien flag."

"That guy from Hercules with blue horns."

"A jellyfish."

According the artist, this is what his hallucination looks like.

"This one is just for shits and giggles. My friend had antlers once."

Source: ThePsychoticArtist

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