By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Are The Balloon Sculptures You WISHED You Had At Your 5th Birthday Party.

Japanese balloon twister is basically the coolest job title ever, and Masayoshi Matsumoto twisting skills are a far cry from your average birthday party clown. Matsumoto makes some of the most complex and intricate balloon sculptures we've ever seen. In fact, his work is so unusual and detailed, it's hard to believe that he creates these sculptures out of nothing but balloons.

According to his website, the artist doesn't use anything except for balloons to create this work: That means that even the smallest details, like the animal's eyes, are all just teeny, tiny, sightly filled up balloons. He also doesn't use any adhesive, so all of these balloon sculptures rely on their own structural integrity to stay together. Check out the photos of Matsumoto's impressive work below. The caterpillar is going to totally blow your mind.