By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

27 Dads Who Have Totally Nailed The Whole Dad Thing.

In my humble opinion, I have the best dad in the world. I remember him coming home after working long hours only to relieve my mom of her child-rearing duties with enthusiasm. My siblings and I would play with him out in the yard, "help" him with household tasks we were absolutely not qualified to do, and watch him exercise while loudly singing Bruce Springsteen at the top of his lungs. Even being allowed to stay up and watch TV with dad felt like an event; Not because we were watching anything particularly interesting, but because we were watching it with dad.

These awesome dads remind me of my own, and not just because I have a specific memory of his enormous physique sitting on my tea party furniture. Each one of them seems to know exactly what it takes to get on his kid's level and none of them seem afraid to do so.

#1. Dinner Party Dad

#2. The Force Be With Dad

#3. Memorable Evening Dad

#4. The "You'll Thank Me When You're Older" Dad

#5. The Ingenious Dad

#6. The Supermarket Superhero Dad

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