By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

12 Creative Ways You Can Use Plants To Spruce Up Your Home.

You might think it's a costly, time-consuming endeavor to upgrade your home, but the truth is, sometimes all it takes is a little green - and we're not talking about money.

Plants, vines, flowers, and succulents can actually add a lot of cozy charm to your space, and they are usually a fraction of the cost of typical home decorations. The best part? Plants are also great for DIY projects, many of which you can pull off with just a few dollars and a few hours. Want to see how? Check out these awesome plant DIY projects below. How good would #12 look on your kitchen table?

#1. These DIY pipe planters would make a great party favor, or would simply look awesome as decorations in your home.

#2. DIY this mossy string garden and display on a prominent shelf.

#3. Put tiny plants in tiny jars, because who doesn't love tiny things?

#4. Grow your very own avocado tree from a pit of an avocado you've already eaten.

#5. Try making this awesome terrarium in a water bottle.

#6. Fill empty corners with a robust sweet potato vine.

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