By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Makes Dresses Out Of Fries, Butter And Toothpaste… And It Absolutely Works.

Remember Edgar Artis, the Armenian fashion illustrator who created unique sketches using everyday objects? Well, now Artis is working with a new medium -- and this one is more delicious than ever.

Artis draws incredible fashion illustrations, wherein the garments are then turned 3D with the use of delicious food. From french fries, to broccoli, to perfectly melted chocolate, there's nothing Artis can't turn into fashion. Some of these outfits are absolutely adorable, despite the fact that we can't decide whether we'd want to wear it or eat it.

"It takes [between] one and four hours to create one design," Artis said in an interview. "It depends on the difficulty of food structure. Sometimes it is very hard to shape the food how I want it."

The most impressive aspect of Artis' work is how he manages to turn even the simplest of things into something complex and beautiful.

And even Artis can't deny how delicious his work is. "I eat them while creating but not after [they are finished]," he said.

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