By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

25 True Facts That Force You To Think Differently About Life.

The world is filled with interesting facts that most people don’t know. While most of them won’t play a part in making your life more successful, they are still fun to learn and always a great topic for conversation. Do you remember Cliff Clavin from the old television show Cheers? That character was played by John Ratzenberger and he completely nailed the role for many years. Cliff was always sitting at the bar next to fellow regular Norm Peterson. Whenever someone brought up a topic of conversation it always reminded Cliff of some useless, yet interesting fact. Everyone in the bar would just laugh at him and wonder where he got all of the information he knew.

When you get finished reading this you can be the Cliff Clavin of your neighborhood or work space. Because you will have all kinds of interesting information that not many people know. When you share it they might not pay attention to you, but I promise that they will think about it later.

For instance, do you know what day was one of the busiest in Domino’s history? Were you aware of a different kind of pizza delivery service that is available in Alaska? Do you really know what color a zebra actually is? Read on and find out those interesting details along with several others!

#1. According to Wikipedia, Mozart once proposed to Marie Antoinette. Can you imagine the art works that would have come from that marriage?

#2. A study by people with way too much time on their hands once discovered that only 2.6% of worker ants in a colony are always active. 25% never do anything and 72% only work half of the time.

#3. The few drops of water left at the bottom of a plastic bottle when it's thrown away totals up to 22 million gallons a year. That's only in the U.S.

#4. 80% of North Americans and 60% of Europeans have so much pollution that they can't see the Milky Way at night. Overall, that's how it is for one third of the human race.

#5. Steven Spielberg held on to the story of Schindler's List for ten years before making the movie. When he received it, he didn't think that he was mature enough to make it.

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