By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This ‘Sci-Fi Mirror’ Does EVERYTHING… How He Made It Is So Simple.

Every so often, a new invention or feat of technology comes along that reminds us that yes, it's 2016, and yes, the future is now. What was once the stuff of sci-fi television shows and our grandparents' wildest dreams are now realities -- and we can even make them ourselves.

This guy decided to make his own app for a smart mirror, available for download here. Once you've got the app and a few other building materials, you can turn that boring mirror on your bathroom wall into something amazing. Just think about how impressed your great auntie will be once she sees it.

According to the DIY'er responsible for this smart mirror, you don't have to be technologically inclined to pull it off. If you can hang a picture and figure out how to configure an app, you too can have a smart mirror in your pad.

First things first: Acquire a cheap tablet, a two way mirror, a frame, and some cardboard backing. Installing the app itself might be the most difficult part, but there are plenty of apps available (and tutorials for how to use them) online.

His app has configurable features, including the time and date, birthday and holiday greetings, a Google calendar, current temperatures, stock quotes, and train schedules.

Once its all set up, all you have to do is mount it onto your wall like you would a regular picture, and enjoy.

Source: reddit